The TIE Experimental M3, also known as the TIE Warhead, was an experimental member of the TIE Series and a part of the TIE Experimental Project.


One of the starfighters built by an Imperial research project led by Director Lenzer under the command of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the M3 was essentially a standard TIE/IN interceptor but with the original laser cannons removed and a pair of warhead launchers mounted on the outer wing hubs.[1]

Being based on the TIE Interceptor, the M3 had nearly the same performance, with only slightly reduced maneuverability and speed. Like the other TIE Experimentals, the M3 was remotely controlled by a modified Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport. Most TIE M3's also had shield generators added with no discernible loss of performance.

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