The Sigma-class long-range shuttle was a lightly-armed Sienar Fleet Systems shuttle model used by the Fel Empire to ferry important individuals across the galaxy. In comparison to the Nune-class Imperial shuttle, which was often confined to one area of space and doubled as a troop transport, the Sigma-class shuttle was considered a luxury transport. The shuttle's amenities included large passenger quarters and a well-stocked galley; however, the class was not extravagant enough to be classified as a luxury yacht. The Sigma-class was incapable of carrying any starfighters, but a modified variant employed by the Imperial Knights could hold up to three Predator-class starfighters.


Designed by Sienar Fleet Systems, the Sigma-class long-range shuttle was equipped with a Class 1.0 hyperdrive and a Class 8.0 backup, along with a navicomputer. It was also outfitted with double heavy laser cannons and could carry ten passengers in addition to a minimum crew of one. The shuttle was able to hold three months' worth of consumables, and it supported up to 200 tons of cargo.[1]

A variant of the Sigma-class was utilized by Emperor Roan Fel's personal bodyguards, the Imperial Knights. Such craft were able to carry a maximum of three Predator-class starfighters but only thirty tons of cargo as a result of the decrease in available space.[1] Painted in crimson, reminiscent of the color of the Knights' armor, the variant bore the Imperial crest on its ventral surface and upper wing.


The Sigma-class was often employed to transport high-ranking Imperial officers and other diplomats throughout the galaxy. Whereas the Nune-class Imperial shuttle was limited to interplanetary travel in a given sector of space and commonly used as a troop transport, the Sigma-class was quite the opposite. Though not as extravagant as a luxury yacht, it was considered a luxury transport that provided comfort during long galactic travels. The interior of the shuttle consisted of a well-stocked kitchen, several large passenger compartments, and an open cargo space large enough to store personal speeders.

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