The Shadow AT-AT was an All Terrain Armored Transport walker covered with gleaming black armor. Utilized by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War, the Shadow AT-AT was created solely for the purpose of intimidating enemy forces rather than performing stealth operations. Rebel Alliance soldiers found the Shadow AT-AT to be one of the most frightening specters on the battlefield.


An All Terrain Armored Transport[2] manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, the Shadow AT-AT was an assault walker[1] covered with gleaming black armor.[2] The Shadow AT-AT stood at an imposing height of 15.5 meters, was armed with blasters and laser cannons, and was capable of carrying forty Imperial stormtroopers.


The Shadow AT-AT was never intended to conduct stealth operations. Instead, it was created solely for intimidation,[2] which the walker's black armor effectively helped to enhance. The Empire typically deployed the Shadow AT-AT during night operations or on the dark surfaces of sunless planets as a way of instilling terror into the minds of enemies. The Shadow AT-AT functioned as a troop transport and assault walker.

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