RE: Sunday is the first episode of the first season of Mythic Gems: RE.

Summary Edit

Jas mysteriously comes to earth, and has to figure out where he's going.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Jas waking up in the sand and rubbing his eyes. He looks around and sees the town of Vyne, and talks to himself about where he should go. He sees a large rock in the middle of town and decides to go there randomly. He jumps on there and starts playing around on it, until he's scared away by a small lizard. After he runs away, the lizard's eyes start to turn more dark.

After running away, Jas spots a hermit crab and starts chasing it, but quickly slams into a house. He rubs his head and starts to wander around town. There's a montage of Jas doing random things, but it ends when he runs into someone holding a coffee. The woman apologizes for not being careful, but, since he was frightened, Jas runs away.

Jas keeps running until he reaches the edge of town. Jas is shocked by the vast expanse of water, yet starts creeping in anyway. Jas is waist-deep in water and he finds out that it isn't so bad, but immediately climbs back out once he sees the lizard come out of the water. Jas crawls away from the lizard and starts to shoo it away while being scared at the same time. As Jas does this, the lizard morphs into a somewhat larger dark green corrupted gem, and Jas gets even more scared.

The corrupted gem jumps out towards Jas's face. But, just before it can hit Jas's face, Jas accidentally summons a spiked club from his gem, knocking the beast away. Jas realizes he can hurt the beast with this, and starts swinging the spiked club at the corrupted gem. Eventually, Jas hits the corrupted gem so hard that it poofs.

Jas picks up the poofed gem, and, suddenly feeling very bored, he throws it into the nearby cave. Then, Jas hears strange noises from the cave and decides to go investigate. Jas goes inside the cave and doesn't see anything, but begins to hear the noises coming directly from a small crevice in the cave. He looks inside the crevice and sees shadows darting across. Feeling brave enough, he squeezes through the small crevice and falls through.

After standing up and opening his eyes, he sees multiple gems looking at him. Jas ends up getting taken aback by this. Seeing that they've found a new member, the gems all introduce themselves to him and welcome him to the team. Jas becomes less scared by this and smiles. Brown Pearl looks at the calendar and randomly mentions that it's sunday, and it irises out on the calendar.

Quotes Edit

"Hey, come back here you strange creature!"-Jas

"Uhh, excuse me, but you need to go away... Shoo! Shoo! Sh-s-shoo!"-Jas

"Sigh... Why do I suddenly feel so neutral and yet so unsatisfied at the same time?"-Jas

"Welcome to the team, l'il buddy!"-Epidote

"Oh, and it's Sunday today. Just thought I would let you all know."-Brown Pearl

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