RE:Bummed is the second episode of the first season of Mythic Gems: RE.

Summary Edit

Jas starts to feel bummed out for some reason, so Epidote takes him around Vyne.

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The episode begins a few minutes after RE:Sunday, with Epidote and Jas talking to each other. Jas is talking about what happened before he got to the Mythic Gems's base, and Epidote is nodding her head. Epidote replies by saying that she likes his backstory, and that he reminds her of a wayward jasper that's curious about this world. Epidote then says that she's pretty sure that he's some kind of jasper too, and decides to call him Jas.

Jas's smile suddenly fades and he looks up at the crevice above him and sighs. He says to Epidote that he's starting to feel a feeling again of "being neutral yet being unsatisfied." Epidote says that he's just bummed out, and she decides to take him on a fun little romp. Jas smiles and agrees to this.

The episode cuts to Epidote and Jas on top of the cave. Epidote tells Jas that they should do some target practice, and decides to use a large rock as a target. Epidote summons her katana from her gem and throws it at the rock. The katana lands on the rock perfectly and cuts into it. Then, Epidote tells Jas to copy her.

Jas nods and summons his spiky club. He throws it at the rock and it bounces off, and starts to fly toward him. Jas ducks and the club bounces off another rock, then crashes through the roof of a house. Epidote says to him that at least he tried.

The episode cuts again to Epidote and Jas going to a fast food restaurant called "Charlie's Chomps." Epidote tells Jas that he seems like a guy who'd enjoy food from this place. Jas asks what food is, and Epidote says that it's stuff you eat to make you feel good. Jas then asks what eat means, and Epidote says that it means to put things in your mouth and into your stomach. Then, Jas asks what a stomach is, and Epidote facepalms and says that they should just go inside.

Jas and Epidote go inside and take a seat in one of the booths. A waiter comes up to them and asks them for their order. Before Jas can say anything, Epidote says that he'd like a Big Boy Bacon Burger with a side of Meltin' in Heaven Poutine. Jas asks why she said that, and Epidote just replies by saying that he's going to like it.

The waiter comes back with the Burger and Poutine, and Jas's eyes sparkle in awe. Jas immediately starts to chow down on the food, and praises it heavily. But, unfortunately, Jas eats the food less and less and starts to get sad again. Epidote realizes that comfort food wasn't the best idea, and comes up with a better one.

The episode cuts once more to Jas and Epidote on a motorboat. Epidote is revving up the motorboat so it can move. Then, Epidote starts to talk to Jas about how calming yet fun it is to take a boat ride on the sea. But, Jas is ignoring Epidote and looking down at the sea.

Epidote asks Jas what's wrong. Jas is on the verge of crying, and turns around shaking and whimpering. He has a speech about how he's lost and confused in this world, then breaks out into a flurry of tears. After this happens, Epidote finally realizes why Jas has been feeling so bummed out.

Epidote sits down and consoles Jas by saying that he's going to be alright, no matter what happens. She follows this up by saying that Jas will eventually find his way, and she's going to help him do it. Jas stops crying and smiles. Then, Epidote asks Jas for a hug, and they both hug together.

Suddenly, Tiger's Eye walks by the boat and asks what he missed. Epidote replies by saying that he missed a lot. The episode irises out on Epidote, and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

"Well, at least you tried."-Epidote

"I'm so confused... Confused about so much. I don't know anything. Everything is a big mystery. Is everybody good? Is everybody bad? Should I even trust you? Nothing makes sense... I'm so lost... What should I do? What should I do? W-w-waaah!"-Jas

"Don't worry, little buddy, everything's going to be alright. You're going to eventually find your way through this world, I promise. And, when you do feel lost, I will guide you. You want a hug?"-Epidote

"Hey, what'd I miss, guys?"-Tiger's Eye

"You missed a whole lot, Tiger. A whole lot."-Epidote

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