RE:Beef is the third episode of the first season of Mythic Gems: RE.

Summary Edit

At an abandoned pet shop full of corrupted gems, Tiger's Eye tries to prove that he's the man.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with all the gems except for Brown Pearl taking shelter from the rain. Brown Pearl comes in from the rain with a portable tv. She reports her find to the gems and demonstrates its capabilities by flicking through its 4 basic channels: Drama, Music, Cartoons and News.

Once she gets to the news channel, there's a strange story about a nearby pet shop that closed down due to having strange pets with odd abilities. Jas says that those pets sound like corrupted gems, and Brown Pearl agrees with him. Epidote decides that they should all see what's going on there, and the rest of the gems all agree.

The episode cuts to the gems finding the pet shop. Tiger's Eye takes a running headstart, but Epidote stops him and tells him to be more careful. In response to this, Tiger's Eye nudges Brown Pearl and says that he's one of the safest guys around. Brown Pearl sighs and reluctantly says yes.

The gems sneak under the police tape, and Epidote opens a window. Epidote motions for the other gems to come in, and they nod their heads. Then, the gems start to search an old lobby room. Brown Pearl ends up noticing a large, broken cage with the word "Beef" written in the corner.

Epidote announces that there's nothing really suspicious here, and she decides that they all should move forward. But, once she opens the door, two doglike corrupted gems are standing there and barking. Tiger's Eye says that he's got this, and so he summons his chakram and throws it at the corrupted gems, but it completely misses. Noticing this, one of the corrupted gems runs towards Tiger's Eye and jumps on him.

But, before it can harm him, Jas swings his club at the corrupted gem, and it poofs. The other corrupted gem notices this, and it dashes towards Jas. Brown Pearl sees this and summons her mine, throwing it at the corrupted gem. The corrupted gem steps on the mine and barely notices it before it blows up and poofs him.

Brown Pearl bubbles both the gems, and tells Tiger's Eye that he shouldn't have been so reckless. Tiger's Eye tells Brown Pearl that he was just following his natural instinct, and Brown Pearl looks annoyed. Epidote warns them to not fight, and that they should all just progress.

The gems enter the hallway, and a montage of them searching the hall begins. After that, the gems report back to Epidote. The gems have nothing, except for Jas, who has a collar that says "Fluffy" on it. He asks if he can have it, and Epidote says that he can because it's not very important to the mission.

Epidote opens the door to the next hall, and finds that there are multiple batlike corrupted gems in there. She tells the gems to be quiet and very sneaky, so they all start slowly tiptoeing through the halls, with Jas falling a little bit behind. Tiger's Eye starts to feel bored by this, so he starts to walk normally, but Brown Pearl signals to him that he shouldn't do it. Tiger's Eye then decides to do this anyway, which ends up waking up all the bats.

The bats start flying around in a frenzy, worrying the gems.