Mythic gems is a series created by marimarine.

Season 1A Edit

Ep 1 Lazy Sunday: The gems have a day off.

Ep 2 Bummed out: During a bad day, Eris tries to cheer Dallas up.

Ep 3 Ground-Beef: Monty tries to figure out what his gem bless pet does.

Ep 4 Berry begins: Brownyn and Eris fuse into Beryl Quartz.

Ep 5 Chloe: Dallas meets the new girl on the block.

Ep 6 The preliminary suffering of burgers: Dallas trys to stop Erin's from being taken down.

Ep 7 Lost!: Dallas gets lost on an island.

Ep 8 The troublemakers: Eris meets 3 troublemakers that remind her of gems.

Ep 9 The mystery girl: Dallas begins to discover more about varicisite.

Ep 10 Return of the mystery Girl: The gems and Chloe try to finally stop varicisite.

Season 1B Edit

Ep 11 Dinner party: The gems have a dinner party with Chloes family.

Ep 12 Cuddle Bubble Crosshairs: Chloe's grandmother tries to pop Dallas's "Cuddle Bubble."

Ep 13 Memories: Dallas finds out that his gem bless pet used to be a regular gem.

Ep 14 Tears of the confined: Varicisite creates a hologram to experiment with Dallas's gem bless pet.

Ep 15 Throatslit: Dallas has to keep severe watch of Montys gem while he's regenerating.

Ep 16 Off their rockers: When Chloe and Dallas take care of 2 old ladies, they have to keep a secret from one old lady from the other.

Ep 17 She's too adultish: Chloe and Dallas try to make an overcontrolled adult more childish, but everything goes wrong when the woman gets captured by a corrupted gem.

Ep 18 Rust Out: After hearing a prophecy detailing a Ground Gem fusion with a fire sword, Dallas fuses with Brownyn to see if the prophecy is true. But when the fusion is having trouble with summoning it's weapon, it turns to Chloe, Windsor and Windsley for help.