Mythic Gems: RE is a remake of Mythic Gems. It follows the adventures of four wayward gems: Epidote, an aspiring kunoichi, Tiger Eye, a punk who's always angry, Brown Pearl, a studious and bookish nerd, and Jas, the latest member of the group who is an unidentified jasper, and still looking for his place in the world. These four gems have adventures, fight corrupted gems, and find out secrets about each other.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 1A Edit

  1. RE:Sunday Plot: A new gem comes to the sleepy town of Vyne, Sunshine Island.
  2. RE:Bummed Plot: Jas is bored, so Epidote takes him on a fun romp around Vyne.
  3. RE:Beef Plot: The gems explore an abandoned pet shop, and Tiger's Eye starts to feel insecure about himself.
  4. RE:Begins Plot: Epidote and Brown Pearl fuse, and they take Jas on an adventure to an old spire.
  5. RE:Chloe Plot: Brown Pearl decides to make Jas meet the new kid in town.