The Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher-2a—also called the MPTL-2a—was a medium mobile proton torpedo launcher crawler artillery platform that could fire proton warheads from a nine-tubed launch assembly deployed from its armored shell. Used by the Rebel Alliance, the MPTL-2a was developed to counter serious design flaws being exploited by the Galactic Empire in its predecessor, the MPTL-L.


This track-treaded mobile weapons platform was designed and produced by Loratus Manufacturing. When ready to deploy proton torpedoes, the armored shell of the vehicle would split open to expose nine launch tubes. When used in coordination with spotter droids that sensor pinged heavily armored enemy units, the MPTL-2a had a maximum firing range of more than 20 kilometers. However, range and accuracy could be severely hampered without assistance from sensor droids or spotting units.

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