Marco Destructo (formerly Marcus Griffith) is a character who tried to destroy the Crystal Gems.


He and his father, Eric Griffith, were witnesses to the disappearance of the ocean, and when the tower of water crashed back down, Marcus was caught in the middle of it and was injured. Eric then rebuilt him as a cyborg to carry out his revenge, but Marcus killed him and decided to attack the Gems on his own terms, and he ended up causing many of the major assaults on the Crystal Gems, including the popping of the Rose Quartz bubble containing the bubbled Gem shards, the battle with the Invisible Monster from Mask Island, causing the creation of the Watermelon Stevens, Peridot getting sent to Earth, getting Steven paranoid about Garnet's future vision, awakening the Lighthouse Gem Monster, drawing Lion to Rose's sword scabbard, the events of "Open Book", getting Homeworld to assign Jasper to be Peridot's escort to Earth, the events of "Joy Ride", the events of "Sworn To The Sword", luring the Gem Crab Monster to Beach City, leaving forced fusions at the hospital visited by Steven in "Nightmare Hospital", getting the Gems to go to the moon with Peridot in "It Could've been Great" leading to the events in "Message Received", releasing Malachite from her bonds, letting the Ruby Squad know of Jasper's presence on Earth, getting Steven to accidentally release Bismuth, the events of "Know Your Fusion", convincing Andy DeMayo to visit the barn in "Gem Harvest", getting Blue Diamond to visit Earth one last time, getting Aquamarine and Topaz to visit Earth, the events of "Back To The Kindergarten", and getting Steven and Connie to visit Lars in space.