(we start off on the day martho was banished from lactoron)

lactorian judge : martho cantoro , for singlehandedly destroying a entire country , you are forever banished from lactoron

(a little while later , martho and his soldiers board his ship , and soon after leaving the planet's atmosphere , he activates the main laser gun , and blows up the entire planet)

(on another ship , a mysterious cloaked figure and his henchmen watch the planet's destruction)

henchman 1 : and there goes the whole dragon farm , now, this is light entertainment (notices a lactorian space pod) hm , what's this , someone's getting away , magnify the image

henchman 2 : right , i'm on it , jouzen (magnifies the image)

jouzen: i want a interior view as well

henchman 2 : that's it , got it (produces a interior view and sees a lactorian child)

jouzen : where does he think he's going

henchman 2 : it looks like he's heading towards a planet called venus , intercept course

jouzen : yes

cloaked figure : belay that order

henchman 3 : sire

henchman 2 : yes sir

jouzen : but .. someone is escaping

cloaked figure : martho is the one in charge of this quadrant , let him clean up his own mess , i've got seven planets to destroy by the end of the day , why should i allow myself to get behind schedule just to cover his mistake , besides, he's just a lactorian child , he's no threat to us. (stares at martho laughing on the monitor) ah, look at him , what foolishness , he's so pleased with himself that he's blinded by his arrogant pride , that could be president hactov on that space pod for all he knows , you've got a lot to learn , nephew , let's get out of here

(the ship flies off)

(cut to several months later)

(pearl is placing the bubbled gems back in place)

pearl : that's the last of them

Steven: yep

(meanwhile on planet martho) 

cloaked figure : WHAT , my nephews , killed by earth creatures , that's absurd , how could a creature of such a pathetic planet generate enough power to destroy martho and gorkon

jouzen : it happened , my lord , these creatures have powerful crystals embedded in their bodies , they summon weapons from them

cloaked figure : i never did like them , and now they go and disgrace my brother and i by getting killed by earth creatures (to himself) my brother always spoiled you rotten , you little brat (to jouzen) JOUZEN

jouzen : sir

cloaked figure : prepare the ship for departure

henchman 3 : huh

cloaked figure : i don't know who these creatures think they are , but no1 attacks our family and lives , NO1 , plot a course for earth

(back on earth)

amethyst : have you guys noticed that slave guy has been , off , lately

garnet : now that you mentioned it , he has been staring off in to space lately

Steven: hm, yeah *goes to him* yo Harno, what's the reason for staring off in to space man?

Harno: oh, it's nothing

Steven: hm . . .

harno : i've just had a feeling lately

Steven: and what was that?

harno : that something bad was gonna happen

Steven: ok, when it happens we'll be prepared for it

harno : (to himself) i hope so

(later that night)

(the cloaked figure's ship enter's earth's atmosphere)

jouzen : sire , we seem to be running out of fuel

cloaked figure : land it by the nearest forest possible , we can't risk it being discovered

all 3 henchmen : yes sir (the ship lands in a forest)

cloaked figure : we need a new method of transportation (sees connie and her family pulling up in their car) and i think i've found it

(connie and her family exit the car , and the cloaked figure grabs connie by the throat and stabs her in the abdomen with a lactorian dagger , then unsheaths a lactorian sword and smites connie's father , then decapitates connie's mother , then he and his henchmen get in the car)

cloaked figure : next stop , revenge (drives off)

(the next morning)

steven : how ya doin'

harno : just fine

Steven: anyway's I haven't heard from connie for a while

amethyst : you don't think something happened to her , do you

steven : i wouldn't count on it

(suddenly , rustling is heard)

pearl : hello , is some1 there

(more rustling is heard)

garnet : SHOW YOURSELF (summons her gauntlets)

amethyst : ok , whoever you are , whatever joke you're playing , it's not funny

(henchman 3 appears from behind steven)

harno : BEHIND YOU (is suddenly knocked out by henchman 2)

steven : HARNO

jouzen : so these are the warriors who destroyed martho and gorkon

henchman 3 : you don't say , let's kill them

henchman 2 : yeah , i wanna kill the guys who killed martho and gorkon

garnet : so who are you guys anyway

all 3 henchmen : we are jeerdon's armored squadron

amethyst : well , there goes our perfect day

(the gems and jeerdon's armored squadron do battle)

jouzen : alright , halzo , harrquen , let's show these morons the true meaning of the word retribution

halzo and harrquen : right 

Steven: what do we do?

(the mugger and the bank robbers suddenly walk up to the house)

mugger : man , you go out for a donut and you miss all the fun

pearl : boy , are we ever glad to see you 3

harrquen : more friends of the brats

halzo : i'll take care of these imbeciles

bank robbers : bring it

halzo : oh , it's brung

(halzo and the criminals do battle)

halzo : i must admit , you creatures are so thickheaded (punches bank robber 2 in the face) pathetic creatures

bank robber 1 : why you (charges at halzo with a switchblade , only to be kicked in the gut by halzo)

mugger : you dirty alien (throws a razor at halzo , only to get it thrown right back at him , hitting his left leg)

halzo : that was no trouble at all

steven : you heartless monsters , if i were you , i'd leave this planet , trust me , you don't want any of this

cloaked figure : oh , but i do , crystal gem , i do (puts his hood down)

steven : gorkon , but how

jouzen : ha ha ha ha ha ha , this is martho and gorkon's uncle you imbecile , wake up , this is lord jeerdon , the most illustrious fighter in the universe , soon , you will be at his mercy

jeerdon : what mercy (throws a dagger at bank robber 2 , hitting his right arm)

steven : you're as twisted inside as your nephews , full of hatred , well no more , you've dug your own grave

jeerdon : really , because after i kill you , i'm going to turn this planet and every1 on it into dust


jeerdon : well , now it's getting interesting

steven : i'm glad you're amused

jeerdon : i am , i would like to see the power you used to destroy my nephews

steven : THEN I WON'T DISAPPOINT YOU *gets the villans*

jeerdon : (grabs steven's wrists) no1 disgraces our family and lives to tell about it (slams steven against the side of the temple)

Steven: what ya gonna do with me?

jeerdon : i intend to enact my revenge upon you and the crystal gems for disgracing my family , then i will go after your friends , your family , AND I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT ALIVE UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH

Steven: some how I will kill you, somehow

jeerdon : we'll see about that

Steven: just you wait

jeerdon : enough games , time to die (kicks steven in the gut)

Steven: *punching jeerdon*

jeerdon : well , well ... not bad , rather impressive , actually , martho ... yes , i could see how he would have trouble with you , my nephews were pests - i would have killed them myself sooner or later ,they were always trying to beat me , trying to prove that they were the best , and they definitely had the edge , but then it happened ... i transformed , as i'm sure you're aware, all members of my kind can transform into massive dragons , but i found a second stage above the standard form

steven : WHAT

jeerdon : you should feel privileged , you will be the first 1 to witness this form , 1st you will see , then you will DIE (breaks off his huamnoid form , and turns into his dragon form, which has wings larger than the rest of the body)

steven : oh man , he's huge

jeerdon : (laughs evilly) yes , time to die (attacks steven)

Steven: *runs to find lion*

jeerdon : (grabs steven by the head) where do you think you're going

(harno breaks off his humanoid form and turns into his dragon form)

harno : let the kid go

jeerdon : (laughs evilly) you must be joking , my dragon form is far more advanced than yours , you've no chance of defeating me (throws steven aside)


(jeerdon and harno do battle)

(jeerdon and harno fly to the top of the crystal temple , where jeerdon breaks off a piece of rock and stabs harno in the chest with it , and harno falls in front of steven)

steven : HARNO (runs up to harno)

harno : (weakly) i failed

jeerdon : don't beat yourself up (flies down and steps on harno's neck , snapping it) you tried your best and that's what's important


jeerdon : try me , puny mortal (flaps his wings , causing a windstorm)

Steven: *attacking jeerdon*

jeerdon : you're wasting your time

Steven: *still punching him*

jeerdon : (whips steven away and pummels him repeatedly) ha , so this is the mighty crystal gem that defeated my nephews , how ridiculous , martho and gorkon deserved to die if they got beat by a weakling like you , i am the supreme master of this universe , i am the great destroyer , the taker of life , it is my will that this planet , and every1 on it , be annihilated

(Jeerdon knocks a pile of boulders down on Steven and the others)

Steven: Why, we didn't do anything wrong (his gem starts to glow)

(outside, Jeerdon laughs evilly)

(the gems break out of the boulder pile)

jeerdon : what's this

Steven: *summons gem armor*

Jeerdon: What, what's going on, he's different, he's changed

Steven looks him in the eye*

Jeerdon: Crystal insect, PREPARE TO BE SQUASHED *prepares to strike at Steven, only to be grabbed by the wrist by Steven*

Steven: Why don't you wake up, you're hurting people, what have they done to you, I can't let you take your unhappiness out on other people anymore

Jeerdon: What are you talking about, I kill when I want, the weak die and the strong survive

steven : alright then , we'll play by your rules , jeerdon , let's go (begins attacking jeerdon)

jeerdon : (laughs evilly) now i know why my nephews were killed , i love it , you're too much

Steven: *attacking him still*

jeerdon : ha ha ha ha , struggle all you want , it's over , this is what you get for disgracing my family 

steven : you murdered millions of innocent people , i can't let it go on

jeerdon : ha ha ha ha ha , yes , it is i who decides who lives and who dies , all living things are mere playthings to me , no1 can comprehend my power and cunning

Steven: this will stop I ashure you!

jeerdon : heh , unlikely

Steven: *starts beating jeerdon*

jeerdon : you think you can stop me , i've been alive longer than you , you can't possibly defeat me

unseen person : but i can 

jeerdon : WHAT (turns around to see that garnet , amethyst , and pearl have fused into alexandrite)

alexandrite : how 'bout you pick on me instead

jeerdon : with pleasure (attacks alexandrite)

Alexandrite: *starts attacking jeerdon with her super attacks and beating jeerdon up* face it your done *beating him up more*

jeerdon : that's where you're wrong , for it is YOU who are done (breathes fire in alexandrite's direction)

Alexandrite: *dodges* is that all you got

Jeerdon: why you dirty gem

Alexandrite: *beats him up more*

jeerdon : you really think you can stop me (flaps his wings , creating a windstorm) who's laughing now (laughs evilly as the mugger and the bank robbers drive in in a car)

mugger : time to send the dragon back to the fiery castle (floors the break)


(the car crashes in to jeerdon)

Alexandrite: YES! I think I defeated him HAH! ^ ^

(the mugger and the bank robbers crawl out of the wreckage)

mugger : what do you mean YOU beat him

bank robber 1 : we're the 1s who sacrificed ourselves

steven : he does make a good point (his armor fades away)

(the gems separate)

amethyst : we saved the world

(jouzen pops out of a pile of rocks and laughs evilly)


(the mugger throws a knife at jouzen's eye)

garnet : that takes care of the situation

Steven: yeah! we saved the world

mugger : and ourselves

Steven: yeah and you guys

pearl : alright boys , let's not get cocky

mugger : yeah , you're right , we all saved the world , ourselves , and each other

Steven: yeah

(steven , the gems , the mugger , and the bank robbers walk up to the house and walk inside)