Lazy Sunday is the first episode of mythic gems.

Synopsis Edit

The gems have a day off when there are no monsters to battle.

Plot Edit

It starts with Dallas trying to wake up brownyn.

Dallas: Brownyn, wake up, wake up!

Brownyn: I'm up, what exactly do you want!

Dallas: Eris needs to talk to us!

Brownyn:WHOA!!!!!! If there's anything with eris in it, I just need to go there!

Dallas: ok! Let's go!

Later, at the hub...

Brownyn: why is she taking so long?!?

Dallas: When she takes a long time, she's probably planning something.

Monty: I hope so. I just LOVE adventure.

Brownyn: hey, here comes eris now!

Eris: alright, I have some urgent news!

Dallas: oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Eris: We have...NO MONSTERS TO FIGHT!!!!!!!

Dallas, Brownyn, and Monty: WHAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?!

Eris: Yep! Checked everything on the holo-map, and there are no monsters at all!

Monty: come on, at least a Quest?

Eris: Nope! Not at all!

Brownyn: well, what now?

Dallas: Hey, we could have a day off!

Eris, Brownyn, and Monty: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!?!

Dallas:Yeah! We could just do whatever we want, except fight monsters!

Brownyn: That sounds Like a great idea!

Eris: I think so too!

Monty:That's Te...I mean, That's A nice...Idea?

Dallas: Ok! So what do you all want to do?

Brownyn: Cuddle on the couch and watch tv with you!

Dallas: mmm-hmm! Eris?

Eris:Play war with Holo-Brownyn!

Dallas:Mmm-Hmm! Finally, Monty?

Monty: Sulk on th- I mean...Play chess against holo-Eris?

Dallas: good! Now, me and brownyn will go watch tv. Goodbye!

[Dallas and Brownyn go sit on the couch and turn on Tv.]

Tv: And now, back to Reincarnated!

Brownyn: Yes! Reincarnated! I love this show!

Dallas:Me too!

Dallas: Hey, maybe My hedgehog pet could watch this too!

[Dallas summons pet from gem bless]

Hedgehog pet: Choy! Choy!

Dallas: Heh, He always likes watching this!

Brownyn: You know, if your gem bless pet is lost, it will be gone forever. You better keep close watch.

Dallas: okay, I will!

[Cut to Eris and Holo-Brownyn playing War]

*Slap, Slap!*

Eris: Uh-Oh! It's war Now!

Holo-Brownyn: Yes, it is war.

Eris: Alright, let's do this!

*Slap, Slap!*

Eris: yes! 2 over 1! I got all the cards, so I win!

Holo-Brownyn: Nice job. Want to play again?

Eris: Of course!

Holo-Brownyn: Alright, let's do this again!

[Cut to Monty pacing across the floor]

Monty: Jeez, no monsters to fight and no quest! What is this, the gem rebellion?!?!

Monty:What now...AHA!!!

[Monty rushes to the map room and turns the holo-map on.]

Monty: Yes! There's some kind of rainbow cluster coming into the Hub! ...Wait, is that bad?


Brownyn, Dallas, and Eris: Whaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!

[Monty rushes into the hub. Brownyn and Dallas rush towards Monty. Eris turns off Holo-Brownyn and then rushes towards Monty.]

Eris: Alright, what is it?

Monty: it's rainbow! Red for the hair and body, Blue for the legs, yellow for the arms, and green for the head and tail! And I think it's coming now!

[The rainbow cluster comes out of the floorboards.]

Rainbow Cluster: Graggggghhhhh!!!!!


[Dallas repeatedly summons and throws daggers at the cluster.]

Rainbow Cluster: Grreeeeeggggluuuuuhhhhh...

Brownyn: Good idea, Dallas! You could throw daggers to distract him while we Try and Find his weak spot!

Dallas: Ok! I'll keep throwing daggers!

Brownyn: Now back to the fighting, Guys!

Monty: Alright, Crazy Cluster, I'm gonna give you the worst experience you had!

[Monty summons his Cat O Nine whip and whips the cluster so hard that some of it's claws come off.]

Brownyn: That's great, Monty! You could keep whipping it hard so that it's claws come off!

Monty: Alright, I'll keep whippin hard!

Dallas: wait, my gem bless pet is here!

Hedgehog pet: Plip! Plip!

[the hedgehog pet turns into a spiky shield to protect Dallas.]

Brownyn: yes! You could help by turning into a spiky shield to protect Dallas if the cluster gets angry!

Hedgehog pet: Choy! Choy!

Eris: Alright, my turn! I AM the leader, after all!

[Eris summons her Spiked umbrella and uses it as a blade-like boomerang to try and find some of the rainbow cluster's weak spots.]

Brownyn: That's great! You could use your Spiked umbrella as a Blade-like boomerang to find the cluster's weak spots!

Eris: Thanks! No problem!

Brownyn: Finally, my time to shine!

[brownyn summons her blade and jumps up high.]

Brownyn: hi...YAH!!!!!!

[Brownyn stabs the cluster in its weakest spot, making it revert back into its gem.]

Rainbow cluster: Neeerrrgaaaarrrrrtttttt...iihhiiipreneerg...

[brownyn comes back down and bubbles the gem, Making it transfer into the breaking room.]

Eris: Yeah! We did it!

Dallas, Brownyn, and Monty: Woo-Hoo!

Dallas: alright, mister hedgehog, back in your gem bless!

Hedgehog pet: Likay!

[the hedgehog pet goes back into Dallas's gem bless.]

Eris: Wow, now THAT was a group effort! And you know what!

[Eris Checks her Quest watch and discovers that there's a mission to do.]

Eris: We have a mission to do! clear the gunky swamp of Gem Monsters!

Brownyn, Dallas, and Monty: Alright!

Eris: What are you waiting for! Let's go!

[the gems begin to walk towards the warp pad. Iris out on the warp pad.]


Trivia Edit

-This is the first episode to contain a gem bless pet.

-Monty mentions the gem rebellion in this episode.

-this is the first episode to contain a cluster in it.

Episode chronology Edit

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