The story begins with everyone in Beach City socializing, with everyone wondering why they feel like something is missing. In the Crystal Temple, the Gems feel like something's missing too. They soon realize that it's Steven. In a warehouse on the other side of town, a man named "Andrew Walter" has kidnapped Steven in order to use his powers to make an armory for his collection. The Gems burst in to rescue Steven, and Andrew attacks them, but the fight has the same results as the fight with Ronaldo. Just then, he pulls out his secret weapon, a can of Scum Soda, and drinks it, telling the Gems that they're in for it now as he mutates into a giant Chameleon monster dubbed "Chameal". Chameal punches the Gems out of the warehouse and crashes through the warehouse himself to find them, destroying everything in his path. The fight between Chameal and the Gems destroys much of Beach City. The Gems fuse into Alexandrite and even the score. Chameal defeats Alexandrite and nearly kills her when the water tower crashes down on both of them. Chameal leaves the area, thinking the Gems dead, and leaves Beach City. In the ruins of the water tower, the Gems have seperated, and Garnet says she feels this won't be the last the Gems will see of Chameal. Outside the city limits, Chameal meets with the monsters George, Lizzie, and Ralph, and joins them along with the other monsters as they leave the area to go and destroy cities.