Backstory Edit

he was created exactly 9420.2034 years. 

When Yellow Diamond Saw What can He Do She Was Angry She Want Him To Join Her Team But He Accepted And He Joined Her Team. 

When He Arrived The Crystal Gems (Canon) Took His Limb Enhancers.  

And He Got New Limb Enhancers. 

He Joined The Crystal Gems When Steven And Peridot Talked To Him And He Trust Them.  

Abilities Edit

He Can Shoot Fire And Water From His Hand

He Have A Healing Power

He Can Shoot Fire From His Sword

He Can Fly With And Without Limb Enhancers. 

He Can Contact Any Gem When He Is Sleeping

Healing Edit

Emerald can easily heal Anything He Healed Himself Twice And He Healed Jade Five Times

Fusions Edit

  • When He Fuse With Onyx They Form Malachite
  • When He Fuse With Aquamarine They Form Apitie
  • When He Fuse With Jade They Form Labradorite
  • When hHe Fuse With Lilac They Form MoonStone
Image Description
Emerald By Hmode848
Emerald's gemstone is located on his chest.