Bummed out is the second episode of mythic gems.

Synopsis Edit

During a bad day, Eris tries to cheer Dallas up.

Plot Edit

It starts with the gems coming home from a mission.

Dallas: UUUUUUUUUUGH, my hand is still scratchy!

Monty: Well, that's what you get for interacting with a GEM EATER at MOUNT LAVA.

Eris: MONTY! Be nice!

Monty: sorry...

Dallas: Eris, I'm having a bad day. First, a gem eater attacked me. Then, Monty made fun of me. And I don't even know what's going to happen next!

Eris: How about you talk to Brownyn? She is your Best Friend, after all.

Dallas: No! Even the bestest of friends can get angry at each other! Im going to My room!

[Dallas runs to the temples room-opening door, opens it up to his room with his gem, and runs to the slide in his room, only to sit on it and begin crying.]

Dallas: *crying*

[Cut back to the hub, where Brownyn, Monty, And Eris are waiting outside.]

Dallas: Geez, what did we do wrong?

Eris: Nothing! Somehow, he just feels bad.

Monty: Eh, He'll just cry himself to sleep.

Eris: MONTY! Maybe you ARE contributing to this!

Monty: oops...

Eris: I'll just try to contact him.

[Eris knocks on the door.]

Eris: Dallas? Dallas?

[Dallas opens the door with his gem.]

Dallas: Wh-What?

Eris: I'm going to give you a BETTER day.

[Dallas smiles a little.]

[Cut to Eris and Dallas on the couch.]

Eris: you know, We could watch TV!

Dallas: Er, that sounds like a good idea!

[eris turns on the TV.]

TV: And now, back to Reincarnated!

Dallas: Ugh, I hope it's not a filler episode like Scavenger Hunt!

TV: ...episode 101, Scavenger Hunt!

Dallas: Aw, for the love of Gem!

[Cut to Eris and Dallas at Eris's training grounds.]

Eris: Alright, maybe you could train your pains away! Just hit a target with your weapon. Like this!

[Eris summons her Spiked Umbrella and uses it as A Blade-like Boomerang to hit the target.]

Eris: Like so.

Dallas: Alright, I'll try!

[Dallas summons his throwing dagger and throws it at the target, only for it to bounce back and hit his gem bless headband, knocking him over.]

Dallas: Ow! Good thing I had my headband.

Eris: Ugh...

[Cut to Dallas and Eris at Erin's.]

Eris: Maybe you could have some food at Erin's. It is your favorite burger place, after all.

Dallas: Ok, I order The Ex-Large Bacon burger with 3 pieces of cheese and jalapeño!

Erin's waiter: Er, Okay...


Eris: Dallas, there's your burger!

Erin's waiter: Okay, Here's your order!

Dallas: Where's the Third piece of cheese!?!?!

Erin's waiter: We forgot. But maybe you could still eat it.

Dallas: Fine...

[Cut to Dallas And Eris At Glider Lake.]

Eris: Maybe If the Third time isn't the best, Maybe The Fourth time is! Isn't the lake beautiful, Dallas?

Dallas: ...

Eris: Er... Dallas?

Dallas: I'm A Kindergarten gem...I... Never got to Have fun in Kindergarten...I... Never had fun during the war...I... Never had fun during my training... And... This is why... I'M NOT HAVING FUN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! AUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

[A chase scene begins. Dallas summons his throwing dagger and turns it into a sword to use it as a pole vault and jump onto a building. Eris uses ninjutsu skills to also jump onto the building. Eris and Dallas run on the buildings until Dallas summons 2 throwing daggers to throw by the balcony and jump into the hub, run to the couch, sit on it, and begin crying.]

Eris: Eh, I'll take the stairs.

[Eris jumps off the building and takes the stairs to the hub in the temple.]

[Cut to Dallas crying on the hubs couch.]

Dallas: *Crying* Oh, i should have just talked to Brownyn! That way, I could have not done any of these LIFE RUINING THINGS!!!!!!!! *Crying*

[Eris finally gets up to the hub.]

Dallas: E-Eris! It was my fault! don't blame me for any of this!

Eris: Actually, it was my fault. I shouldn't have done any of this. But look on the bright side. There were actually some parts of that filler episode were kinda good. I posted you on the floor to Facebook, and when we got to Erin's, I checked it again and you became an Internet meme! The good kind. People supported you and had a lot of empathy. And when you and me were going to glider lake, you told me that the burger you had was kinda delicious! Do you feel better now?

Dallas: Yep! But I need one more thing...

Eris: A hug?

Dallas: Yeah!

[Dallas comes up and hugs Eris. Monty appears.]

Monty: Hey, Eris! Did I miss anything?

Eris: Yes, but it involves Monty. You don't want that, right?

Monty: Ooooooooof course.

[Iris out on montys face.]


Trivia Edit

-This episode originally was going to take place after the mission mentioned in Lazy Sunday.

-This is the first episode to focus on Dallas.

-It is revealed in this episode that Eris knows Ninjutsu and Dallas is a kindergarten gem.

Episode chronology Edit

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