Blue tourmaline's are a sub-gem to tourmaline's there height is around 4 or 5 feet tall however there not that strong and if they get hit in the any of there body areas hard they have a 50% chance of poofing. They have a partner the rare Alabaster gems. Blue tourmalines are created in the alpha kindergarten where quartzes and pearls where made.

Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World (Audio)

Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World (Audio)

bluebell's personallity
Some attributes
First unloyal
Second lonely
Third selfless
Other attributes
Fourth get manipulated easily
Fifth is very weak

trivia Edit

  • blue tourmalines where originally going to be weapon makers but was changed to them being a warior
  • blue tourmalines are called males even though they sound female
  • blue tourmalines are made to be selfless